Shane Black’s ‘The Predator’ Drops a Final Red-Band Trailer

I’m a total shill for anything Alien/Predator, and will readily admit that even the first AvP movie wasn’t without it’s merits. That being said I was concerned when I first heard that they were rebooting/sequelizing the ultimate hunter yet again. Shane Black’s (Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang) inclusion left my even more confused, while I’m a HUGE fan of Black I wasn’t sure how his humor would fit into the action…I desperately want a serious bad-ass Predator film, so I held some reservations. Each trailer got me a little more hyped with the pinnacle coming this morning when the final ‘Red-Band’ trailer hit. While everyone’s obvious favorite is the orignal 1987 film I always had a special place for Predator 2, this was the flick that introduced the lore and armory of unique weapons to the Predator mythos, this new remake looks to incorporate both of those films with the large action sets of the original and the background story of it’s sequel. This final trailer gives us a little more of the “ultimate” predator and his hunting dogs and a whole lot more of the violence and weaponry used implemented by the big guy(s). While I’m still not really feeling the humor aspect (Kegan Micheal-Key I’m looking at you!) everything else is setting me up for my new favorite entry in the series. Check out the trailer below courtesy of!

The Predator hits theaters September 13th