JJ Abrams ‘Overlord’ Debuts New Poster

J.J. Abrams upcoming World War 2 horror film has dropped a brand new poster just ahead of it’s first premier(s) at Fantastic Fest. While WW2, and Nazis in particular, have always seemed to garner alot of attention at the cinema I’ve always been surprised that deep dives into the occult and sci-fi aspects of the era are relegated to crappy B-movie takes. Seriously, watch any History channel special on the “Wunderwaffe” or Wonder Weapons designed by the Nazis or the things they were trying to discover during their repulsive experiments and it becomes readily apparent that the more fantastical elements of the time period are ripe for the box office taking. This new poster tells us nothing and everything all at once. A simple black and red pallet that evokes violent and bloody imagery coupled with demonic eyes and fangs gives us a taste of the zombie/vampire/monster hordes lying in wait for the soldiers that arrive ahead of the D-Day landings.

Overlord hits theaters on November 9th


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