‘The Equalizer 2’ Trailer: Denzel Washington Is A Lyft Driver With A Mean Streak

The Equalizer 2 marks the first sequel of Denzel Washington’s storied career, and it’s not as if there haven’t been plenty of opportunities. So there must be something really great about this story that captured his attention and that of director Antoine Fuqua, also returning for his first sequel ever. From what we’ve seen of the film it looks like a darker, more personal story, but one that still has plenty of Denzel engaging in ultra-violent vigilante action.

Denzel returns as former Black Ops agent Robert McCall, who has settled into a comfortable life as…a Lyft driver. What better way to get around town and do “good deeds” for those in need of his special set of skills. When someone close to him is killed, McCall seeks payback by dispatching those involved with extreme prejudice.

I find Denzel to be credible in virtually everything he does and The Equalizer movies are no different. He gets brutal in these flicks and the sequel looks like it goes way over the edge from what we would normally expect from him. That actually makes me want to see it more. I’m curious to see if this becomes a full-fledged Denzel trilogy. He kinda deserves one, doesn’t he? The guy who has avoided franchises all of his life getting one that is all for him?

Also starring Melissa Leo, Bill Pullman, and Pedro Pascal, The Equalizer 2 opens July 20th.


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