‘Legends of Tomorrow’ S3E15 Recap: “Necromancing the Stone”

Last week on Legends of Tomorrow, the Legends actually got a win finally against the Dahrks as they were able to obtain the “death” totem, they even were able to go on a time-traveling adventure and got to meet Elvis Presley in the process.  Now with them holding the fire totem as well as the death totem, their luck seems to be taking a turn for the better, right?

Of course not!  The death totem, like the Ring of Power, has its own will and desires.  Managing to look into each of the Legends hearts/souls, it found a way to enact Mallus’ will to be freed from his time-based prison.  That means that he needs to get a new prisoner to turn: Sarah.  This is very much a Sarah-centric episode, but each of the Legends got a chance to shine in their own way, and we even got another appearance from our favorite Warlock, John Constantine.

Speaking of John Constantine, Sarah awakens from a nightmare screaming his name.  Remember, he helped her a few weeks ago when she was having problems with Mallus when she was trapped in his world on the ancestral plane.  Now, it’s not the best idea to scream a former lover’s name when in bed with your new lover, agent Ava Sharpe.  Ava asks who John is, and Sarah tells her about her recent history with Constantine, including her sleeping with him three weeks ago.  Of course, hearing about your current lover sleeping with anyone else isn’t going to make them all cheery.  Sarah manages to save face by telling Ava that she thinks of her as her girlfriend, which brings a smile to her face.

As the team goes about their current activities of fixing time aberrations caused by the Dahrks and Sarah orders the team to split up so that they can tackle all the different problems throughout history.  However, she’s having her own problems, a massive headache.  While it’s dismissed as a simple headache, it’s really something more nefarious.  She is compelled to the box holding the death totem, she begins seeing visions of herself when she was Black Canary way back on Arrow before her death.

The team comes back from their different missions to find Ray unconscious and his lap trashed.  Almost fatally injured, the team realizes that whoever attacked him is still on the Wave Rider.  One by one, each of the Legends not only sees some sort of vision connected to the pain of their past, but they see an almost mirror version of Sarah (complete with black eyes and white hair) wearing the death totem and under the possession of Mallus.  The team realizes they need some help, they need John Constantine.

However, they are not in the position to get in contact with Constantine, so agent Sharpe and her lackey Gary track down Constantine while he’s performing a chicken exorcism with the hope that he can help Sarah be free of Mallus.  This allows Constantine to perform some of his mumbo-jumbo magic to transport to Mallus’ spirit realm to free Sarah, who is dealing with the truth that she is impacted by death, without Mallus help.  Ava is also dealing with her jealousy for the fact that Constantine and Sarah slept together, creating a pretty decent love triangle for the show.

While Constantine and Ava try to get Sarah back from the spirit world, the rest of the team try to use the other totems to stop Mallus-possessed Sarah.  Nate tries to use the earth totem, but gets stopped by a vision of his grandfather.  That leaves it up to Amaya and Rory.  Amaya convinces Rory to use the fire totem, after all, he is “Heatwave” already.  Rory powers up using the totem and fights against Sarah.  After knocking her out, Ava tries to speak to an unconscious Sarah to help her snap out of her trance.  She eventually reaches Sarah, who rejects Mallus and Norah Dahrk’s offer to join them and return back to the land of the living.

Sarah thanks Constantine for helping her in her time of need.  Although the two slept together, they have a more cordial bond.  Constantine even tells her not to hurt Ava’s heart as he can tell she cares for Sarah as he leaves the ship.  Fear, not Constantine fans, it’s just been announced that Matt Ryan has been promoted to a series regular for next season of Legends of Tomorrow.  However, Sarah, fearful of her darkness, does the opposite and it ends with her and Ava seemingly breaking up.  Ava does leave a note on the bed that her side that reads “The spot reserved for the girlfriend of Sara Lance,” so maybe there’s hope.

Speaking of Ava, we’ll be seeing more of her, like many more copies.


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