‘The Punisher’ Blasts Through to Season 2!

Shocker, right? Who’da thunk that Frank Castle would get a round 2 with the immensely popular Netflix/Marvel series. As a lifelong Punisher fan, who admittedly liked all of the cinematic representations on their own merits, this show was a revelation as to the drama Castle could bring to the small screen. Though, I suppose not really a revelation as much as a relif that someone finally got the character right, and in the right format. It always seemed a no-brainer that the character would flurish in an episodic format as opposed to a one story rushed through film. Just read any of the Garth Ennis arcs and you’ll see what I’m talking about, start with Kitchen Irish.

The Punisher’s twitter page revealed through a single sentence followed by that iconic skull

Some thought that 13 episodes was a bit too much, not me…bring on another 13 just don’t make me wait two years!

Now if we can just get them to lift that amazing scene between he and Cap from Civil War (the comics not the film) and drop it into Infinity War I’ll be in heaven!


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