Eddie Redmayne And Felicity Jones May Lift Off In ‘The Aeronauts’

Reunited and it feels so good? The Theory of Everything earned Eddie Redmayne his first Oscar for Best Actor, and it was definitely deserved, while his co-star Felicity Jones was honored with a Best Supporting Actress nomination. They make for a great team, and so it’s no surprise they’re considering a reunion…in a hot air balloon.

Deadline reports Redmayne and Jones are eying roles in Amazon Studios’ The Aeronauts, an action adventure film based on the true story of 19th-century balloonists James Glaisher and Amelia Wren. Glaisher was a meteorologist and scientist with Wren as the balloon pilot, and in 1862 they broke the world record for altitude in an attempt to unlock the secrets of the Heavens.

The script was written by the red-hot Jack Thorne (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Star Wars: Episode 9) with Tom Harper (Peaky Blinders) directing.


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