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Review: ‘Buddy Games’Josh Duhamel Leads The Way In The Bro-iest Of Competitions

  Buddy Games, the new comedy co-written, directed, and starring Josh Duhamel, is an unabashedly juvenile look at how guys can be when they get...
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Review: ‘Chick Fight’Malin Akerman Finds Healing By Hurting In An Underground Fight Club

I’m not sure if there’s another movie that can go either the route of toxic masculinity run amuck or female empowerment quite like a...

Review: ‘Shithouse’Cooper Raiff Delivers An Awkward, And Wholly Believable Look At College Life

College was awesome, right! Frat parties, football games, pranks, that darn cantankerous dean….oh, I’m thinking of pretty much every college based film ever made....

Review: ‘The Wolf Of Snow Hollow’An Out-Of-The Box Werewolf Flick To Shake Up Your...

It’s October, and you know what that means? It’s time for genre pictures galore! The Wolf of Snow Hollow, written, starring and directed by...
I met a girl

Review: ‘I Met A Girl’Aussie Rom-Com Walks Delicate Balance In Depiction Of Mental Illness

It seems these days that the standard romantic-comedy has been so overdone that new sub-genres are emerging. Take the new film, director Luke Eve’s...
the sleepover review

Review: ‘The Sleepover’Malin Akerman And Ken Marino Star In Netflix's Good-Natured Family Spy Comedy

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, Netflix has come through to save an entire segment of film that just wasn’t getting...
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Review: ‘The Wretched’IFC Midnight Horror Makes Witches Scary Again

The Wretched is here to prove that the classics are classic for a reason, a witch can still be terrifying if the story is...