Armie Hammer Is Planning A Comeback With An “Autobiographical’ Script He’s Writing

Remember Armie Hammer? He’s been out of the game for a few years, having faced multiple allegations of abuse from women, plus a cannibalism accusation that made him a fun meme for a while. He either dropped out of or was removed from some pretty big projects, and hasn’t been seen since. Hammer was everywhere for a time, though, from The Social Network to The Lone Ranger to The Man from UNCLE and many more. And while he’s persona non grata in Hollywood, Hammer is creating his own pathway to a comeback.

Speaking on the Painful Lessons podcast, Hammer revealed that he’s writing an autobiographical script based on existing source material…

“Even though I’m not welcome in their sandbox, I just decided I’m going to make my own sandbox. If you won’t let me play in yours, I’ll go play in mine. I’ve written a script with my buddy Jerry. We’re in the middle of trying to put that project together. I don’t want to go into the details of it right now but we have a script and it’s something that we’re passionate about and it’s something that I’m going to go do.

Hammer continued, “I don’t know what the future of that is going to look like, I don’t know what the response of that is going to be, but those are things out of my control. I’m powerless over what peoples’ response to it is going to be, essentially. But I can go do something that I’m passionate about. Just because they tell me I can’t do it doesn’t mean that I have to listen.”

“Writing this script has been incredibly cathartic. We took an original piece of source material that was then turned into a film that we looked at and said, ‘There’s a lot of parallels here, albeit some more subtle and some more overt.’ So we took that and made it much more autobiographical and adapted it so it would be something that is cathartic…This is ours. We can do whatever the fuck we want. We’re really proud of it.”

So here’s the thing, Hammer could write a million scripts and that doesn’t mean someone will finance turning it into a movie, or a TV series, or even a podcast. His fall from grace has been rapid and devastating, more than almost anyone I can think of who hasn’t had any actual charges against him. His reputation is shot, mostly because he became a joke, and that means it’s going to be tough for Hammer to get accepted again. We’ll see what happens.

Travis Hopson
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