Rian Johnson Continues Signing Ringers for ‘Knives Out 3’ as Glenn Close Signs On

While I sit firmly of the side of those that were not fans of Rian Johnson‘s The Last Jedi, I hold no amount of love back toward the mans other work. Johnson, who’s been a favorite of the PDC crew since the site’s inception, is knee deep in pre-production on the latest installment of his Benoit Blanc chronicles, Wake Up Dead Man. Glenn Close is the latest big name to join Daniel Craig’s Creole detective, and while no details have been released on the character Glenn Close will be playing one can be sure that she will bring a next level of gravitas to a film series that has already played host to the likes of Christopher Plummer, Edward Norton, Jamie Lee Curtis, and scores of others.

It should come as no surprise that Johnson is both writing and directing this next installment in addition to his producing duties. Duties which, in addition to Close, have brought Kerry Washington, Andrew Scott, and Cailee Spaeny on board. While we are still likely a year away from possibly seeing this film we can count on more news and possibly more castings in the coming days as the production gears up to start shooting in June.

No release date has been set but I think it’s safe to bet Summer 2025 will be it’s Netflix premier window.