Zack Snyder Is Already Planning Third ‘Rebel Moon’ Film, Eyes Summer Release For Director’s Cuts

Fans of Zack Snyder have a lot to be excited about. Later this week, Rebel Moon-Part Two: The Scargiver hits Netflix. And while the first film didn’t exactly set the world on fire, there’s still hope that seeing the full story could change a lot of opinions. On that note. we’ll also get the extended director’s cuts, which Snyder confirms to Forbes will be about 3 hours each, or 6 hours in total.

“Yeah, the director’s cuts are three hours each, so if you were to watch the director’s cuts back-to-back, it’s a six-hour affair but I think it’s going to be fun and definitely worth it. What’s exciting is that on April 19, you’ll be able to watch Part One and Two together, if you feel like doing that. I cut the movies in half. I wrote it as a single story and then kind of broke it in half.”

“You can’t underestimate that immersive feeling that you would get going all the way through the two movies,” Snyder added. “With the director’s cuts, that’s just going to be more intense because of the additional scenes and the sort of coloring in the corners of the world in the way that we’re able to do, frankly, with more scenes and more time.”

As for when they’ll drop, Snyder guesses “probably sometime in August” is when to look out for them on Netflix.

But if you think two movies is all Snyder will give us of the Rebel Moon universe, think again, because he’s already working on a third movie…

“We have definitely been working on a Part Three, as far as the story goes. We definitely know where we’re all headed – we’ve known that for quite a while, to be honest. So yeah, I’m excited to make some more Rebel Moon movies – that would be fun…”

Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver starts streaming on Netflix on April 19th.


Travis Hopson
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