Colman Domingo Would Be “Down” For Kang Role If Offered By Marvel

Colman Domingo is currently an Oscar nominee for Best Actor for his role as civil rights trailblazer Bayard Rustin in Rustin. But if you’ve been following the rumors, Domingo could also be headed to the MCU as a replacement for Jonathan Majors in the role of Kang the Conqueror in the next Avengers movie, formerly titled The Kang Dynasty. In a conversation with Vanity Fair, Domingo claims to have no information on the rumor, but says he’d be “down” for the gig if it were offered…

You know, listen. My team has had conversations with Marvel about some aspect of the MCU for years.Do I know this to be true or not? I actually don’t know. I feel like my team doesn’t bring me something unless it’s real. So I don’t know. I could be in conversation, but I’m not sure. I would welcome a conversation around it.”

He continued, “Whatever they’re working out with Jonathan [Majors] and his legacy in the MCU, I feel like I just have to be in my own lane, whatever that is.There’s hearsay, there’s conversations, but I’m not even sure because I feel like nothing comes to me until something’s real. But I’d be down with it.”

Marvel has had its share of troubles with the upcoming Avengers movies. Not only did director Destin Daniel Cretton exit to work on other projects, including Shang-Chi 2, the Wonder Man series for Disney+, and a live-action Naruto, but writer Jeff Loveness was replaced by Loki and Doctor Strange 2 writer Michael Waldron. But the biggest shift was the firing of Jonathan Majors following his conviction for domestic assault. Marvel had been backing away from their use of Kang even before that, and it remains a mystery whether the character will return in a significant capacity at all.

For sure, if someone like Domingo is cast as Kang it means plans for the character are going ahead as planned.  You don’t bring him in to play a minor supporting role. Domingo already has a huge film coming up when he plays Joe Jackson in Antoine Fuqua’s Michael Jackson biopic.

Avengers 5 is currently set to open on May 1st 2026.

Travis Hopson
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