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Daniel-San’s Theatrical Successor Has been Found, Ben Wang Cast as New ‘Karate Kid’

There was little doubt that the success of Cobra Kai could bring about conversations of continuing the theatrical run of one of the best known underdog sports film franchises of all time, The Karate Kid. What surprised me was that they decided not to ignore the Jackie Chan led reimagining and instead have chosen to lean into it with an announcement spot starring both Ralph Macchio. A new franchise set needs a new star, so a global search was launched to find the teen that would headline what is sure to be a blockbuster film. The search is over and Ben Wang of American Born Chinese fame has been given the go ahead to wax on.

There’s no clear information on where the plot could go, though I’m sure by the time the final season of Cobra Kai finishes we’ll have some idea. Still….I’m racking my brain and can’t put together how one would incorporate the Jackie Chan version with the 80s version, while still playing in the same universe as the events of Cobra Kai. We do know that the story will take place on the east coast, so that answers why the cast of the smash hit Netflix show will be nowhere around…but it doesn’t answer how Daniel LaRusso fits in. After all, he’s got some pretty solid roots laid down in SoCal and at least one kid still in High School so he can’t bow out of the Valley just yet.

Time will tell, but I think we can rest assured that the story being put together must be one epic tale to spin and bring these two legends together.

Check out the original global casting search announcement below and make sure to keep checking in her for the latest.


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