Box Office: ‘Wonka’ Stands Tall Taking #1 for the Fourth Week. ‘Night Swim’ Comes Up Short

  1. Wonka– $14.4M/$164.6M

It’s pretty astounding that Wonka has been out for a month and is still holding the number 1 spot. What’s troubling though is that it’s done that and hasn’t broke $200M, a troubling omen for the state of theater ticket sales.

2. Night Swim (Review) – $12M

The rare Blumhouse film to not nab a #1 opening weekend, Night Swim can now add mediocre box office to it’s mediocre reviews. Here’s where Hollywood can learn from the house of Blum, though. This isn’t going to break them…hell, it will still turn a profit at the end of the day because the film hit theaters with just a $15M budget. This is how it’s done bean counters. More importantly, I want you to show me the difference in quality between this film and something that costs far more.

3. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – $10.6M/$100M

It may not be the 10x’s larger original film but Aquaman crossed that $100M line this week…something that superhero films used to do in their first weekend, but in 2023 (now 24) doing so seems the exception instead of the rule.

4. Migration – $10.2M/$77.8M

5. Anyone But You– $9.5M/$43M

6. The Boys in the Boat (review)- $6M/$33.9M

7. The Color Purple – $4.7M/$54.6M

Far from the original film which enraptured audiences in the 80s The Color Purple lost almost all of its pull dropping  59.4% of its box office in week 2, more than any other film in the top 10.

8. The Iron Claw – $3.9M/$24.3M

9. Ferrari– $2.5M/$16M

10. Poor Things– $2M/$14.2M