Let’s Get Weird, and Let’s Get Gory with the Trailer for Shudder’s ‘Destroy All Neighbors’

Is there anything better then an intentionally weird B-Horror movie? I mean really weird, early Peter Jackson weird. Actually…that’s probably the most apt comparison to my feelings after watching the trailer for Destroy All Neighbors, it really felt like I was watching early Peter Jackson. For the uninitiated the Lord of the Hobbits actually started his career with the most out there, b-level horror you can imagine with films like Bad TasteMeet The Feebles, and Dead Alive. That’s exactly the vibe Josh Forbes seems to have captured with his tale of a struggling musician whose life takes a turn for the weird when a ultra-odd new neighbor moves in next door.

Films like these are hit or miss, it really takes skill to tread that thin line between so bad it’s good and just so bad. While the trailer can’t make that determination for us, the inclusion of people like Kumail Nanjiani, Thomas Lennon, and Alex Winter (as the titular neighbor to be destroyed) make me think they have something here.

Check out the trailer below and let us know where you think this one will end up.

Destroy All Neighbors premiers on Shudder January 12th, 2024


Official Synopsis:

When prog-rock musician William Brown’s worst mistake meets his worst neighbor, Vlad, it’s a killer nightmare come to life. Don’t miss the premiere of DESTROY ALL NEIGHBORS, coming to Shudder January 12.