Review: ‘Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure Of Foggy Mountain’

An Absurd Comedy That's The Feature Length Debut For SNL's Comedy Troupe

John (John Higgins), Martin (Martin Herlihy), and Ben (Ben Marshall) have been best friends forever in Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure Of Foggy Mountain. The three have been inseparable – they live together, work together, and do everything together. That is until Martin started dating Amy (Nichole Sakura) and hasn’t been around as much. Apparently, Ben suddenly cares about work and impressing his father Farley (Conan O’Brien). Which kind of just leaves John being John. With his two best friends growing up and moving on, John realizes he must do something to keep the band together. That’s when the idea of an adventure to Foggy Mountain was born.

When the three of them were younger, they found a compass in a river. Unbeknownst to them at the time, it belonged to an old French explorer who hid a treasure in Foggy Mountain. He put a treasure map on the compass and left it for future explorers to find. Legend has it that the treasure is worth 100 million. John, Martin, and Ben could sure use the cash – so why not? The three set out to the mountain for an adventure of a lifetime. Right off the bat, things get interesting when John draws the attention of Lisa (Megan Stalter), a park ranger. Lisa’s partner Taylor (X-Mayo) convinces her to steal the map and take the treasure for themselves. No way in hell are the three guys going to give up that easy – the race is on.

Higgins, Herlihy, and Marshall make up the comedy group “Please Don’t Destroy.” The three of them have been putting out digital content for a few years and recently became SNL writers. Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure Of Foggy Mountain is their feature-length debut. Please Don’t Destroy wrote the film while Paul Briganti directs. Briganti has a few films under his belt but has mostly worked in television. He also has ties to SNL where he directed segments from 2016 through 2022. The comedic backgrounds of all involved are certainly put to good use.

Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure Of Foggy Mountain is pretty hilarious. The film may be dumb, but I found myself laughing throughout the 90-minute or so runtime. Please Don’t Destroy’s chemistry is undeniable, and everyone seemed to be truly enjoying themselves. On top of that, the score is fantastic, at times adding to the humor. The movie is ridiculous from the jump and that only escalates as it progresses. If stupid humor isn’t your cup of tea, then Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure Of Foggy Mountain will most likely disappoint. If you’re looking to turn off your brain and enjoy a silly adventure, it’ll do the trick.

Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure Of Foggy Mountain is streaming now on Peacock.