‘Superman: Legacy’: Skarsgård Brothers Vying For Lex Luthor Role As Clark Kent/Lois Lane Casting Advances

As the old regime limps to a close, James Gunn is readying for the launch of the new DC Cinematic Universe under DC Studios. And the first shot out of the gate is Superman: Legacy, featuring a relaunched Man of Steel with an entirely new cast. With casting underway for the key roles of Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Lex Luthor, THR has an update on the previously-revealed contenders, as well as the sibling rivalry that could be going on to land one major part.

When you’re talking about Clark Kent and Lois Lane, chemistry is going to be key. Actors are being paired up to see how their chemistry is together, with Nicholas Hoult and Rachel Brosnahan paired up, followed by David Corenswet/Emma Mackey and Tom Brittney/Phoebe Dynevor. The men are said to be getting a lot of time in the Superman suit, and performing opposite Mackey. Does that mean she’s the top choice for Lois Lane? It’s unclear, but a decision should be made quickly, perhaps as soon as this week.

Incredibly, a pair of brothers are said to be up to play Lex Luthor. Alexander and Bill Skarsgård are reportedly competing with one another and other unnamed candidates to play Superman’s arch-rival. Hoult, who was initially said to be up for Lex Luthor, as well, could still be a factor. Frankly, casting Alexander would be a terrible idea because he’d tower over any actor they cast as Superman. Does anyone want a Lex Luthor who is more physically imposing than Supes?

Meanwhile, there are other big roles that need to be filled, including members of The Authority. If you’ve never heard of them, they were the preeminent super-team of the Wildstorm/DC imprint, and they are considered more mature, ultra-violent. Part of the Superman: Legacy story is that Superman arrives on an Earth that already has heroes on it.

Superman: Legacy is set to open on July 11th 2025.

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