*SPOILERS* Cobie Smulders Opens Up About Shocking ‘Secret Invasion’ Twist

Marvel’s latest series, Secret Invasion, has only one episode in the can and already it’s got fans buzzing. Forget the crap about the AI-generated title sequence or whatever, the real shock is the conclusion of the first episode, which sees a major character killed off. *SPOILERS FOLLOW*

At the end of Secret Invasion‘s first episode, Maria Hill, who Cobie Smulders has been playing since The Avengers in 2012, was killed by a Skrull impersonating Nick Fury. Hill has been Fury’s right-hand-woman, even when he was acting outside the law she was there by his side. She has been a mainstay of the MCU and her death is huge.

Of course, this has people wondering when her death will be revealed to be a trick, or retconned somehow. Isn’t Secret Invasion all about Skrulls impersonating humans? When will Maria be revealed to be alive elsewhere? Well, Smulders doesn’t think that’s going to happen, and she’s making her peace with it.

“There is a multiverse now, so anything is possible. But I’m pretty sure this is it,” said the actress to Vanity Fair. “It felt and it feels strange. Maria Hill’s passing is very real, and it’s shocking, and it feels very human. It was a sad day.”

That said, Smulders is sad to see her time in the MCU come to an end…

“I mean, listen, it would’ve been great,” Smulders said. “Of course, I would’ve loved to do more, but I trust that Marvel is doing the storyline that they think is best.”

Maria Hill’s death isn’t likely to be the last. Secret Invasion debuts new episodes every Wednesday on Disney+. You can check out my review of the first two episodes here.

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