‘Sacramento’: Kristen Stewart Joins Michael Angarano’s Road Trip Comedy With Michael Cera, Maya Erskine, & AJ Mendez

Kristen Stewart has a new movie with her ex-beau! Okay, that’s a bit of misdirection because it’s not Robert Pattinson, but actor Michael Angarano. They dated a lifetime ago. Anyway, Deadline reports Stewart has joined road trip comedy Sacramento, which Angarano will direct and star in.

Also in the cast are Michael Cera, PEN15 star and Angarano’s current wife Maya Erskine,  Iman Karram (Daft State) and Rosalind Chao (Mulan). Intriguingly, screenwriter, commentator, novelist, and ex-WWE superstar AJ Mendez aka AJ Lee also has a role.

Sacramento centers on “Rickey (Angarano), an energetic and free-spirited young man, and Glenn (Cera), his long-time friend who’s settled into domestic life. On an impromptu road trip from Los Angeles to Sacramento, their past comes into focus and questions their future.”

Stewart will play Glenn’s wife, Rosie. Erskine is Rickey’s spouse, Tallie.

Angarano also co-wrote the script with Chris Smith.  He previously directed Avenues in 2017. Shooting begins this spring.

Coming up for Stewart is romantic thriller Love Lies Bleeding from Saint Maude director Rose Glass.