Dwayne Johnson Debunks Rumor Of A DC Social Media Feud

Dwayne Johnson was right about one thing in regard to Black Adam. The hierarchy of power has definitely changed, and the actor finds he no longer has the same stroke as before James Gunn and Peter Safran took over DC Studios. Johnson threw his weight around in the run-up to his big superhero launch, even getting Henry Cavill back as Superman, but when Cavill recently lost the job for good, it became clear that a new era was taking shape, and Black Adam may not be part of it.

This is definitely the messiest situation to emerge from the shake-ups at DC Studios, and bogus online rumors are making it worse. Last night, rumors began that a Black Adam franchise appeared to be canceled as Johnson unfollowed the Instagram accounts for Black Adam and Warner Bros. Discovery. The suggestion was that Johnson and Warner Bros. Discovery are feuding and the situation became untenable.

Johnson took to Twitter to debunk an online “scooper” who was spreading the rumor…

Now, let’s be clear about something. Johnson and WB are having a feud. Johnson’s own comments calling the recent moves “noise” prove that. And Johnson has definitely thrown his weight around in an attempt to be a power player at the studio. But it’s a situation that will likely be ironed out amicably between Johnson and Gunn, who may end up working together when this is all over. They don’t need others out there trying to stir the pot. There’s been enough of that already in regards to the moves at DC, particularly when it comes to Patty Jenkins and Wonder Woman 3.

Johnson lost any perceived power when Black Adam had a mediocre run at the box office. There’s a good chance that a sequel was never going to happen anyway. It may be that Johnson and Gunn come up with another DC Comics project for Johnson, one that fits better with the vision that’s being laid out.


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