‘The Midnight Club’ Trailer: Terminally Ill Teens Make A Deadly Pact In Mike Flanagan’s Latest Horror Miniseries

Doctor Sleep, The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manor, Midnight Mass…Mike Flanagan has quickly established himself as one of the great horror auteurs around, whether on the big or small screen. He returns to Netflix with The Midnight Club, yet another miniseries sure to send a chill up the spine.

Written and directed by Flanagan, the 10-episode series centers on eight terminally ill children at a hospice who meet at midnight to tell one another scary stories. They also make a pact that the first of them to die must communicate with the others from the dead, leading to a series of bizarre occurrences when one of them finally succumbs.

The series stars Iman Benson, Adia, Igby Rigney, Ruth Codd, Aya Furukawa, Annarah Cymone, Williams Chris Sumpter, and Sauriyan Sapkota, with Nightmare on Elm Street legend Heather Langenkamp as the kids’ enigmatic doctor.

The Midnight Club hits Netflix on October 7th, and will be a nice way to tide Flanagan fans over until his next series, The Fall of the House of Usher.

At a hospice with a mysterious history, the eight members of the Midnight Club meet each night at midnight to tell sinister stories – and to look for signs of the supernatural from the beyond.