Famous ‘Spider-Man’ Meme Recreated By Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, And Tobey Maguire

Joe Russo Warns About Too Much Multiverse Storytelling

Three franchises worth of Spider-Men came together to announce the digital release of Spider-Man: No Way Home on March 22nd, followed by 4K and Blu-ray on April 12th.  Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maguire recreated the famous Spider-Man pointing meme, taken from the 1967 cartoon episode “Double Identity”, that has been unavoidable for the past year.

Pretty dope, right? I mean, when the rumors starte to surface that Garfield and Maguire were going to be in No Way Home, this meme was Goddamn everywhere.

This is awesome and everything, but is too much fan service created by these multiverse stories a good thing? Joe Russo, one half of the duo behind Marvel’s Captain America movies, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, has a word of warning for fans in a new interview with IGN. Basically, be careful what you wish for because those in charge will give it to you.

“The corporate agenda is: Do you like chocolate ice cream? Well here is chocolate ice cream with sprinkles, here’s chocolate ice cream with fudge…It’s their job to turn the money printer on,” Russo said. “It’s the creative’s job to say, ‘Well shit, I don’t know if I want to watch that.’”

Russo continued, “So yeah, too much of one thing is a bad thing, but I think there are enough creators and innovators in the space where you can expect to be surprised. Just don’t expect corporations to surprise you.”

Fans have been begging for more Garfield and Maguire ever since No Way Home, and you just knew execs are trying to find any way imaginable to make it happen. I’m just a little surprised that one of the Russos is warning about too much of a good thing, but then again they did take their leave from Marvel to work elsewhere.

Travis Hopson
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