Rob Zombie Meets His Perfect Match As Director Of Peacocks Revival Film ‘The Munsters’

Rob Zombie. One thing you know, and one thing you may not. First, the nuevo master of the macabre has long been inspired by 60s/70s horror asthetics. Second, that which you may not know, he’s actually a pretty funny guy. Seriously, look up any podcasts he’s appeared on, he’s surprisingly funny and incredibly sharp. What do you get when you combine these two facts? The Adams Family of course! Ughh…wait no, that’s Wednesday the new series appearing on Netflix in a revival by Tim Burton. But, wherever there’s an Addams, you’re sure to find The Munsters nearby, and THAT is where Mr. Zombie pops in. NBCU has the former White Zombie frontman signed on to direct the feature film, which will most likely premier on Peacock.

Quick side note, in case the brass at Peacock is checking these articles. STOP putting commercials in the programming for the people that pay additional cash to NOT have commercials. You have a disclaimer that you will still play commericals where contractually obligated but the only commercials I ever see are for, wait for it, Peacock shows. You are not contractually obligated to yourselves. 

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.

Check out the Instagram post by Zombie below, and stay tuned for more info on what is sure to be, at a bare minimum, a visually appealing revival!