JCVD Is Back To His Old Tricks In The Trailer For ‘The Last Mercenary’

#GEEKEDWEEK, Netflix’s week long look at what’s to come, is off to a split-kicking start with the trailer for Van-Damme’s new, French-language action movie The Last Mercenary. The film itself looks fairly standard. A former Secret Service agent is summoned back to France when his son gets mixed up with corrupt politicians and the mafia. Van Damme hasn’t done any high profile straight up action in a while, so I had a feeling something would be different here. They had me at first, not gonna lie, then about halfway through the humor of the whole thing comes in full bore, starting with JCVD rocking a 80s hair metal wig, kicking ass. Quick shots of the man in different costumes doing the same level of ass-kicking has the classic muscles from Brussels fan in me ready to add this one to my queue.


The Last Mercenary hits Netflix July 30th, 2021