Maggie Q, Male Strippers, and Maniacs Fill the Trailer for ‘Fear the Night’

Maggie Q blows my mind every time I see her. No, it’s not because she is stunning to look at (though she is). Nope, it’s the fact that, even though she can’t weigh more then 100lbs soaking wet, she projects this palpable aura of ass-kickery that surpasses most MMA fighters.

Q gets to showcase this trait in Neil LaBute’s upcoming home invasion action flick Fear the Night. In it, Q plays Tess, an Iraqi war vet who heads to a secluded cabin with a group of friends for her sisters bachelor party. Unfortunately for this group of ladies there are a handful of sketchy looking gentlemen intent on raiding the house they are in and leaving no witnesses. Unfortunately for the sketchy looking gentlemen, Tess isn’t messing around.

The trailer looks like a fairly standard invasion movie of it’s type, the X factor is obviously the film’s star. It’s hard to tell if the movie will stand strong to an audience, some of what we see seems a little “80s one-liner” cheesy but if the action scenes are pulled off then that may not be a bad thing.

Check out the trailer below and look for Fear the Night In Theaters, On Digital and On Demand July 21, 2023