‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Delayed Again, ‘Snake Eyes’ Moves Up, ‘Mission: Impossible 7’, ‘Star Trek’ Dated

You might think after Godzilla vs. Kong helped reignite hopes of a box office recovery that studios would be eager to push their biggest films out right now, but that’s not what Paramount is doing with Top Gun: Maverick. The anticipated sequel that puts Tom Cruise back in the cockpit instead finds itself launching away from its July 2nd summer date all the way to November 19th.

That’s a pretty steep delay, but you can see why Paramount thought it was necessary. With Disney moving Black Widow to July 2nd, it was necessary to get some distance.

Paramount isn’t quite so worried about their upcoming GI Joe spinoff, Snake Eyes, which stars Henry Goulding as the team’s resident ninja warrior. The film moves up from its October 22nd date and into the summer on July 23rd.

Completing the roundup of 2021 shuffles, Jackass 4 has been set for October 22nd, replacing Snake Eyes. So if you were really keen on seeing Johnny Knoxville shit his pants after falling from a tree, mark the calendar.

Moving into 2022, Paramount has even more Tom Cruise flicks on the way. Mission: Impossible 7 has finally landed a firm May 27th 2022 date, which means we can probably expect MI:8, which Christoper McQuarrie begins shooting soon, to arrive around the same time the following year.

Also, with news of Bad Robot producing another Star Trek film still relatively fresh, Paramount has already set a date for it on June 9th 2023. Details are still slim, but we do know Star Trek: Discovery‘s Kalinda Vazquez will write the script, with speculation this could be a film that ties closely with the Paramount+ shows.

Finally, Kenneth Branagh’s Bee Gees biopic will open on November 4th 2022; Dungeons & Dragons will now arrive on March 3rd 2023; Ron Howard’s The Shrinking of Treehorn adaptation opens November 10th 2023, and the Ryan Reynolds/John Krasinski fantasy-comedy Imaginary Friends on November 17th 2023.

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