Dave Bautista Really Wants To Play Bane And Has Made That Clear To Warner Bros.

Dave Bautista has been pretty open that if he were to make the jump from Marvel Studios to DC, it would be to play Bane, the infamous breaker of Batman’s back. While there’s no plan for that to happen any time soon, during an interview with Zack Snyder at Justice Con for their film Army of the Dead, Bautista revealed that it isn’t just some hope he has to play Bane, but that he actually took his demand to Warner Bros. execs…

“It would be Bane, all day. It is no secret,” Bautista said. “I really want to play Bane. I want to play Bane so much that I went to Warner Bros., had a meeting with them, had a meeting with DC, walked through the door and said, ‘I want to play Bane. I’m not kidding. They said, ‘Wow, wow. We’re not even looking for anyone for Bane.'”

While we have no idea when he might have made these intentions known, we can make a pretty good guess. In the weeks following James Gunn’s firing by Marvel, Bautista openly expressed his interest in making the jump to DC to work with the director on The Suicide Squad. Bane, who has been a member of that team in the comics, would’ve been an awesome addition to the cast. It never came to be, and Bautista will get to join Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy 3 as originally intended.

Still, we have to think Bautista will get his wish one of these days, right? Especially with The Batman kicking off a new franchise for the Dark Knight?  And who doesn’t want to see Bautista snap Robert Pattinson like a twig? I know I do.

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