The Irish Countryside Breeds Horror and Hilarity in the Trailer for Shudder’s ‘Boys from County Hell

What goes together better then horror and comedy? It’s literally the filmmaking equivalent of good ole PB&J, total opposites that come together to check every box in a list of desirable traits. That part is obvious, what’s not obvious is why so many good horror/comedies seem to come from Great Britain. Was Shaun of the Dead that inspirational to the area that it became the go to genre for so many of the islands budding filmmakers?

Whatever the reason, I’m glad it’s happened because it leaves us with stuff like this, Chris Baugh’s new vampire flick Boys from County Hell. The trailer sets the film up as a pretty standard vampire flick, what with an ancient evil being awakened by a group of people in a small town, but there’s a real charm the comedy  they’ve managed to slide in there. I’ll tell you one thing, Shudder is simply KILLING it as of late. If you’re a horror fan, and you don’t have a subscription you need to fix that asap. Here’s the official synopsis:

Strange events unfold in Six Mile Hill – a sleepy Irish town that claims to have been traveled by the famed author Bram Stoker – when construction on a new road disrupts the alleged grave of Abhartach, a legendary Irish vampire said to have inspired Dracula. Deadly and sinister forces terrorize the work crew led by Francie Moffat and his son Eugene, a free-spirited young man who prefers pints to pickaxes, and they’re forced to fight to survive the night while exposing the true horror that resides in the town’s local myth.

Check out the official trailer below and look for Boys of County Hell on Shudder, April 22nd, 2021.