Rosamund Pike Is A Terrifying Lioness In The Trailer for ‘I Care A Lot’

While I Care a Lot, the new film starring Rosamund Pike, is being advertised as a dark comedy I have to be honest and say the truth of this film TRULY terrifies me. The simple truth in it’s concept, that you are only free as long as the government says you can be, may be the most horrifying thing in a movie this year. While this film deals with a woman who “cares” for elderly folks that are deemed incapable of taking care of themselves, the possibility is there for any of us to be told we can’t do what we want at any time. Anywho, tin foil hat aside, this is a crazy concept that just gets crazier as the trailer goes on. Pike is a government contracted caregiver who basically scams folks into old age homes and sells their houses for the cash, if you’ve seen Gone Girl you know just how well Pike can play that completely evil but innocent seeming persona. That in itself is enough to get me in, but then in walks Peter Dinklage, who appears to be an assassin, or mob boss…something not good, who comes into play in defense of one of Pike’s victims. If you really want to know the scoop you can check out Jake’s review here, he caught the film at TIFF.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments!