‘WandaVision’ Trailer: It’s Twilight Time For Scarlet Witch And Vision In Marvel’s Bizarre Disney+ Series

Just days ago it was revealed that WandaVision, and not Falcon and the Winter Soldier, that would be the first of Marvel’s Disney+ shows to arrive. And now it’s also the first to receive a full trailer, and what a bizarre one it is, teasing the oddest couple in the history of the Marvel Universe (in all of its forms) in a trippy universe of nostalgic TV sitcoms.

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany are back as Wanda Maximoff and Vision, in their first appearance since the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame. Actually, for Vision, his return is even weirder because of the grim fate he suffered at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. It’s suggested in this trailer, by the nosey neighbor character played by the great Kathryn Hahn (she’s presumed to be Agatha Harkness), that he is still very much dead.

So what does that mean about the rest of the world Vision and Wanda are stuck in? It’s already an idealized version of 1950s suburban sitcoms, but is it a creation of Wanda’s fractured mental state combined with her enormous reality-warping powers? That’s my guess. The plot bears striking similarity to the incredible Vision series that ran a few years ago which found the powerful android creating just such a neighborhood for himself.

One scene that caught my attention, however brief, has Wanda and Vision holding babies. Could that be the first appearance of their children, Wiccan and Speed, in the MCU? I’m convinced the Young Avengers will begin to be formed here and throughout all of the Disney+ shows.

Along with Olsen, Bettany, and Hahn, we see terrific character actors such as Fred Melamed and Debra Jo Rupp as neighbors invited over for dinner. A lot of really intrusive folks live in this town. What’s unclear is how Teyonah Parris fits in as Monica Rambeau, the grown-up version of the little girl we saw in Captain Marvel; Randall Park who reprises his role as Agent Jimmy Woo, and Kat Dennings who is back as Darcy Lewis.

WandaVision arrives later this year, probably in December.





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