Parental Heartstrings Are Torn In The Trailer For ‘Still Here’

The trailer for Still Here, the debut film by director Vlad Feier knows what is truly terrifying in this world. It’s not guys in hockey masks or giant man-eating spiders, it’s someone you love disappearing and being completely unable to help them find their way back. I’ll tell you, when I became a dad I thought I would feel different, more adult, I didn’t…but I can tell you one thing I did feel immediately and that is the creeping dread that’s always in my periphery knowing that there are terrible things in this world I have to protect this little thing from. Still Here tells the story of a journalist, played by Johnny Whitworth (who does NOT look 25 years removed from his role in Empire Records), in NYC who decides to help a family who’s daughter has gone missing. From the surface this feels a lot like any other movie of it’s kind, think Gone Baby Gone. If you dig a little deeper though you see what makes it different, it’s not a corrupt community and/or police force, but rather a community and police force that just doesn’t care. I’m not sure why but, in this case, apathy seems worse then malice. It’s not all down notes though, Zazie Beetz plays a character named Keysha and if you ask me seeing her name on a cast list always brings sunshine to a dark day.


Still Here is available on VOD and DIgital August 28th, 2020

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