Horror Never Dies In The Teaser For ‘Halloween Kills’

The teaser for Halloween Kills the second in David Gordon Green’s trilogy is here…even if the movie is now 15 months away. In terms of footage we don’t get much outside of a few shots of Laurie Strode and her girls (Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, and Andi Matichek) escaping in the back of a truck ala The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. What we do get is confirmation of something that was as sure as the sun rising tomorrow…Micheal Myers isn’t finished yet. If we’re being honest here, given that two sequels have already been announced, Myers demise was never a possibility. The real shocker is dropped on us in the closing seconds of the video, Halloween Kills, which was due out this October, won’t be coming to theaters until October 15th, 2021. Thanks COVID.

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