‘Royalties’ Trailer: Darren Criss And Kether Donohue Are Songwriters For Hire In Quibi’s New Series

After working with Ryan Murphy on American Crime Story and his recent series, Hollywood, Darren Criss is taking the reins for himself. Royalties is the multi-talented actor’s new music industry show, and to say the talent assembled for this is extraordinary would be an understatement. Even those only vaguely familiar with Criss, such as myself, have plenty of reasons to seek out Quibi and give this one a look.

Criss wrote and stars in Royalties, playing one-half of a songwriting duo alongside Kether Donohue, better known to me as the only reason to have watched FX’s You’re the Worst. The pair must navigate their growing popularity with creative freedoms, the constant tug of war that all artists must endure.

Not only did Criss write the screenplays, but all of the songs used in the series, as well. He’s joined on the series by Amy Heckerling, known for some of the all-time great comedies such as Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Clueless, and Look Who’s Talking. The cast surrounding Criss is Julianne Hough, Jackie Tohn, Bonnie McKee, Jennifer Coolidge, John Stamos, Tony Revolori, Lil Rel Howery, Mark Hamill, Rufus Wainwright, Sabrina Carpenter, and To All The Boys: PS I Love You‘s Jordan Fisher. Damn.

Royalties hits Quibi on June 1st.  Check out the trailer below, followed by the full tracklist for the upcoming soundtrack which will be released on June 12th. One of those songs, you’ll notice, is by Hamill. Luke, we didn’t know you still had it in you.

“This is a Theme Song (From Royalties)” – Darren Criss, Kether Donohue, Royalties Cast
“Just That Good (From Royalties)” – Rufus Wainwright, Royalties Cast
“Break It In (From Royalties)” – Lil Rel Howery, KingJet, Royalties Cast
“Let Your Hair Down (From Royalties)” – Bonnie McKee, Royalties Cast
“Kick Your Shoes Off (From Royalties)” – Bonnie McKee, Royalties Cast
“Mighty As Kong (From Royalties)” – Mark Hamill, Royalties Cast
“I Am So Much Better Than You At Everything (From Royalties)” – Darren Criss, Royalties Cast
“Make You Come True (From Royalties)” – Jordan Fisher, Royalties Cast
“Prizefighter (From Royalties)” – Julianne Hough, Royalties Cast
“Also You (From Royalties)” – Jackie Tohn, Darren Criss, Royalties Cast
“I Hate That I Need You (From Royalties)” – Jennifer Coolidge, NIve, Darren Criss, Royalties Cast
“Perfect Song (From Royalties)” – Sabrina Carpenter, Royalties Cast