Style Is Paramount In The Latest Look At ‘Bill & Ted Face The Music’!

It’s been 29 years since the decidedly not-bogus bros faced off against Death…and knowing that has me feeling all kinds of old. Time moves on, we don’t have a phone booth to travel back in (btw, love that they’re sticking with the now-ancient phone booth as the means of travel), all we can do is soak in the sweet, sweet, nostalgia of our youth. Now, most often when we go back to what we used to love the taste is more bitter then sweet, but with Keanu’s invulnerability these days and the love for all things old working for Alex Winters, I have a feeling Bill & Ted Face The Music will hit us right where we need it. The epic duo is front in center in this new still, released today where they appear to be at a Wedding…hopefully a Wedding for their daughter’s and not one that they are playing. I suppose them ending up as Wedding singers would be a proper way to start the adventure but I’m hoping for something else.

One things for sure, the most epic and righteous band in the world still has a totally gnarly style!

Bill & Ted Face The Music Hits Theaters on August 21st, 2020