Enter A World Of Childlike Wonder With The Trailer For ‘The Secret Garden’

Ahh, The Secret Garden, nothing brings back the feeling of ignored 7th grade English assignments quite like that title…well, maybe A Tale of Two Cities, what can I say I wasn’t much of a student. If I had been I’d probably be totally stoked for this version of the perennial homework assignment brought to the big screen. I have to imagine some people are, the demand is obvious. This adaptation will be the 3rd silver screen version of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic tale going back to 1949, and that’s not including the two TV movies. For those outside the know it’s a pretty standard childhood fantasy, a young girl is sent to live with her Uncle at his Yorkshire estate and slowly begins uncovering the multitude of secrets that the property holds.

Judging from the trailer that was released today they’ve nailed the look. The colors are bright and the set design is exactly where it needs to be on the line between reality and fantasy. The cast seems to be stacked just right with the, as talented as she is young, Dixie Egerickx starring. She’s got the support she needs in Colin Firth and Julie “Molly Weasley” Walters behind her on the call sheet. I’m sure this movie will be delightful but if nothing else, at least the school kids of today will have an updated way to cheat on their book reports!


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