Box Office: ‘Sonic’ Outraces ‘Call Of The Wild’, Passes $200M Worldwide

1. Sonic the Hedgehog– $26.3M/$106.6M
Sonic the Hedgehog remains at the top of the leaderboard for a second week, falling 55% for $26M and $106M domestic. That number puts it fourth all-time in terms of video game flicks, behind The Angry Birds Movie ($107M), 2001’s Tomb Raider ($131M), last year’s Detective Pikachu ($144M). On top of that, it has earned another $95M overseas for $203M worldwide, enough to guarantee we’ll get that Sonic vs. Tails showdown in a sequel.
2. The Call of the Wild (review)- $24.8M
Audiences chose a CGI hedgehog over a CGI canine this weekend, but it was still a very strong debut for Disney/Fox’s adaptation of The Call of the Wild. The Harrison Ford-led film about a domesticated dog who gets in touch with his wild side while in the Yukon, opened with $24M. Reviews have been generally favorable, with audiences giving it an A- Cinemascore and critics a 64% on Rotten Tomatoes. I was surprised at Ford’s commitment to the movie, he bonds with his canine companion quite well. But the big problem we see reflected in the oversized $125M budget, and that’s how much of it is done in CGI, which is weird for a movie about untamed Mother Nature. Currently, it has $40M worldwide and has a long ways to go before having a chance at earning a profit.
3. Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey– $7M/$72.5M
4. Brahms: The Boy II– $5.9M
Of all the low-budget horrors to get a sequel lately, 2016’s The Boy is the most unassuming. It did well enough, finishing up with $74M worldwide on a $10M budget, without the benefit of the buzz something like The Witch was getting around the same time. So now we have Brahms: The Boy II, which finds the creepy doll flick underperforming with just $5.9M. That’s with a bigger cast, led by Katie Holmes, roughly the same budget, and a promo campaign targeted solely at fans of the first film. But this one isn’t catching anybody unawares, and it will likely be wiped out by The Invisible Man next week.
5. Bad Boys for Life– $5.8M/$191.1M
6. 1917– $4.4M/$151.9M
7. Fantasy Island– $4.1M/$20.1M
8. Parasite– $3.1M/$48.9M
9. Jumanji: The Next Level– $3M/$310.9M
10. The Photograph– $2.8M/$17.6M