Marvel Is Bringing Live-Action ‘Ghost Rider’ And ‘Helstrom’ Shows To Hulu

Marvel is bringing its biggest guns in the Avengers over to Disney+ as part of a whole batch of new shows, but there are other characters that will be populating other corners of the small screen. Perhaps filling in the void left behind by the edgy Netflix shows that were recently canceled, Marvel is planning to bring Ghost Rider and Daimon Helstrom to Hulu.

Variety reports a live-action Ghost Rider series is in the works and headed to Hulu. The series will center on Robbie Reyes, who was seen as part of ABC’s Agents of SHIELD. In fact, it will be the same actor, Gabriel Luna, who will be playing him again. What’s weird about it is this won’t be the same Robbie Reyes, or at least this will be a new take on the character who can summon the flaming of Spirit of Vengeance.  Serving as showrunner and exec-producer will be Ingrid Escajeda, joined by Jeph Loeb.
In addition, there will be Helstrom, a live-action series based on the characters Daimon and Ana Hellstrom. In the comics, he’s known as the Son of Satan and she is Satana. The TV version will have them as the children of a mysterious and powerful serial killer. Presumably, this will be Satan, as well. The siblings will use their skills to track down the worst of humanity. Kinda sounds like Grimm, or maybe even Supernatural, which is a pretty cool concept to find in the MCU.  Paul Zbyszewski will act as showrunner.
I have a feeling we’re going to start seeing closer ties to between the big and small screen worlds now that Marvel has consolidated so much power. Marvel’s base of shows just on Hulu is expanding. These series join Runaways which is now in its third season, and four new adult-themed animated shows including Hit-Monkey, Howard the Duck, and more. 


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