‘Parasite’ HBO Series In The Works From Bong Joon-ho And Adam McKay

Well, this is a twist only the director of Parasite could be proud of. Deadline reports that South Korean director Bong Joon-ho and The Big Short‘s Adam McKay are in talks to team up and produce a limited series for HBO based on Parasite.

This is interesting because it was only days ago as Parasite won a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language film that he encouraged audiences to get over their fear of subtitles and embrace international cinema. I guess that doesn’t apply to American TV, though?

There aren’t any details about what a series based on Parasite would look like, but the plot is easily expandable beyond the big screen. The film, which you should go in knowing as little about as possible, follows a poor family of grifters who get deeply involved in the lives of a wealthy family, with unexpected results.  It’s possible the series could be a series remake, or maybe some kind of continuation. Perhaps, and this is highly unlikely but y’never know, the show won’t be entirely in English?

Then again, it’s always possible this turns out like the series adaptation of Bong Joon-ho’s previous movie, Snowpiercer, which I think has been “on the way” for about a thousand years. Then again, Parasite is expected to reap a ton of Oscar nominations in a few days and that has the potential of speeding any related projects along pretty quickly.