An Extended Cut Of ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Hits Theaters This Weekend

Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has been a big hit for him and Sony Pictures, earning more than $350M worldwide. Over the last few weeks there’s been a lot of talk of Tarantino re-editing the film, putting back in a ton of unused footage, and releasing it to Netflix in episodic format. He might still do that, but an extended edition of the movie is going to play in theaters first, and it’s happening very soon.

Sony will re-release Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in over 1000 theaters this weekend with more than 10 minutes of additional footage spread across 4 brand new scenes. We don’t know what this footage entails they’re expected to act as bookends.

“Audiences have shown tremendous support for this movie, and we look forward to offering them another opportunity to see the film as it’s meant to be seen – in theaters on the big screen – with more sights and sounds of the sixties from Quentin Tarantino as an added treat,” said Sony exec Adrian Smith.

Earlier stories had Tarantino holding back footage of actors who were publicized as being in the movie, but were almost entirely removed, such as Damon Herriman as Charles Mason and Damian Lewis as Steve McQueen.  Perhaps some of this new footage will include that, or maybe Tarantino will save them for a more extensive cut later on

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood returns to theaters this Friday.


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