*Update* ‘Jexi’ Trailer: Rose Byrne Voices A Jealous Cell Phone In ‘The Hangover’ Writers’ New Comedy

*Updated with the new green band trailer*

What is it about Rose Byrne that makes her perfect for voicing an artificial intelligence with a killer instinct? Coming off her terrifying voicing of the dangerously maternal robot in I Am Mother, Byrne is now voicing an A.I. cell phone with a deadly obsession for Adam DeVine in Jexi.

Jexi springs from the twisted minds writer/directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the duo behind The Hangover trilogy, Bad Moms, and other rambunctious comedies. The story follows a lonely listicle writer who falls in love with his new cell phone, an advanced piece of technology with artificial intelligence that supports him in every way. That is until he finds a real flesh ‘n blood woman, then the A.I. goes a little bit crazy.

This easily could’ve been played up as a modern stalker thriller, and I’m guessing we’ll see that plot someday. But with Lucas and Moore, of course it’s mostly jokes about masturbation and the phone’s need to get…*ahem* plugged and unplugged. Yeah, it’s weird, but looks kinda funny and Michael Pena may steal the show. Doesn’t everybody want to get played out to Salt ‘n Pepa’s “Shoop”? DeVine is joined by  Alexandra Shipp, Michael Peña, Ron Funches, Charlyne Yi, Wanda Sykes, Justin Hartley, and Kid Cudi.

Jexi hits theaters on October 11th.