Sylvester Stallone Possibly Teased For ‘The Purge 5’, Or Something Else Entirely

When Blumhouse uber-producer Jason Blum speaks, it’s usually a good idea to listen because he’s probably given away the whole store. Take his recent photo of a meeting with him and Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis, which soon led to the confirmation of her return for two more sequels. Now, he’s posted an image with another screen legend, Sylvester Stallone, and it looks like they’re collaborating on a new Purge project.

How do we know it’s The Purge? Simple, because the franchise’s creator and driving force James DeMonaco is there, too. Now, it’s always possible DeMonaco and Blum are creating something new, but with the fifth and final Purge movie on the way it seems like the right time for Sly to make his mark on it. Maybe as the guy who comes in and finally puts an end to the New Founding Fathers of America? I’d love to see him and Frank Grillo, another screen tough guy great in these movies, team and really fuck shit up.