‘Sextuplets’ Trailer: It’s Marlon Wayans Overload In Netflix’s Family Comedy

Under the best of circumstances I’d say Marlon Wayans is an acquired taste. He’s been funny plenty of times in the past but is best in measured doses. So the upcoming Netflix comedy Sextuplets, which finds Wayans playing six different crazy characters might be Wayans overload.

The story is pretty much exactly what you think. Wayans plays a man who learns he wasn’t his mother’s only child, but that she had six kids all at once. He sets out to find his long-lost siblings and, naturally, each is a larger-than-life personality.

This reminds me of when Eddie Murphy use to play multiple characters all of the time, in films such as Coming to America and The Nutty Professor.

It’s funny because if this were the ’90s we would’ve seen a different member of the Wayans family play these characters, but Marlon is now shouldering the burden himself.

Believe it or not there’s room for Molly Shannon, Glynn Turman, and Michael Ian Black to co-star. Sextuplets will hit Netflix on August 16th, directed by A Haunted House’s Michael Tiddes.


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