Take A Look At The New Sith Trooper From ‘Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker’

Lucasfilm doesn’t typically hold Hall H panels at San Diego Comic-Con, but Star Wars always has a presence. This year is no different, and ahead of the event we’re getting the first look at the new Sith Trooper to be seen in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. You simply can’t have a new Star Wars movie without an updated Stormtrooper. Apparently, the Dark Side would rather spend their money on cooler costumes than teaching these guys how to shoot straight.

The actual Sith Trooper suit used in the upcoming movie will be on display at a special presentation of Stormtroopers across the Star Wars Saga. As for their role in the movie, red tends to signify an elite status so we’ll probably see them fighting closely alongside Kylo Ren. The angular features set this version of the Stormtrooper apart from others, but mostly we’re going to see these guys getting soundly beaten by the Rebels, right? That’s sorta their function no matter how cool the armor may be. Look at poor chrome-plated Captain Phasma.

A variety of merchandise will be made available at Comic-Con featuring the Sith Trooper, including the $32 Hasbro Black Series Special Edition figure, which I’m desperately hoping is made available at the company’s preview event on Thursday. There’s also the awesomely-detailed Hot Toys that will set you back $230. Might be worth it.

Funko, of course, has an exclusive Pop! of the Sith Trooper that will be available to those who have an entire day to spend trying to get one. Sadly, I don’t. And you can also get the Trooper’s menacing visage on different hats and t-shirts.

Check out StarWars.com for more info on the Sith Trooper.