‘Bond 25’ Offers Behind-The-Senes Look To Quiet Negative Buzz

Apparently, all is right in the world of Bond 25. That I have to type that out should tell you something has been very wrong with the production, or at least that is the bad buzz coming out about it. Reports of massive script problems, with rewrites happening on a daily basis, not to mention star Daniel Craig’s injuries and a Peeping Tom planting cameras in bathrooms (Oh yeah, not heard of that one?), have some thinking Cary Fukunaga has lost control.

Whether there are any actual problems…who can really say? But clearly, producers feel the need to change public perception in a big way. The James Bond Youtube site has dropped a behind-the-scenes featurette that makes everything look A-O-fucking-K.

The minute-long video gives us a look at Fukunaga and Craig, along with Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter and Captain Marvel‘s Lashana Lynch as the mysterious Naomi. It gives the impression there are no issues at all, and maybe that’s true. The timing in this case is transparent, though, and hopefully they realize that. Too bad they couldn’t end the video by giving the movie a damn title.

Bond 25 opens in April 2020.