Blumhouse Is Teasing A ‘Halloween’ Sequel With Jamie Lee Curtis Returning

I think it’s easy to forget just how successful Blumhouse’s Halloween “reboot” was last year. The $10M horror, a sequel some forty years after Michael Myers first started slashin’, finished its run with $255M worldwide, $159M of that domestic. That’s a lot more than some bigger films with much larger budgets (lookin’ at you, Ready Player One!), and so it’s inevitable that a sequel would be on the table.

While nothing is official, producer Jason Blum dropped an image on social media of his meeting with star Jamie Lee Curtis, captioned “We’re discussing stuff.”

Well, you don’t say? While it’s possible they’re discussing the NBA Finals or something, the likelihood is it has to do with Curtis returning as Laurie Strode in a Halloween sequel. I imagine there will be other meetings for Blum, too, with director David Gordon Green and perhaps co-writer Danny McBride. Why break what isn’t broken?