‘Lying And Stealing’ Trailer: Theo James And Emily Ratajkowski Pull Off One Last Heist

What happens when a ridiculously hot con artist teams up with a sexy art thief? Well, a lot of expensive stuff goes missing, and that’s exactly what happens in the new trailer for Lying and Stealing, which stars the duo of Emily Ratajkowski and Theo James.

Directed by Matt Aselton from a script he co-wrote, the crime drama finds James as Ivan, a Willy Sutton-quoting art thief, and Ratajkowski as Elyse, an actress who doubles as a con artist. A chance encounter at a party for the wealthy elite leads to Ivan and Elyse teaming up to pull off the ultimate heist, one final job, so they can escape to start new lives. The film co-stars Isiah Whitlock Jr., Fred Melamed, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach.

A few years ago this might’ve been a movie with some real buzz behind it. James was the booming-voiced star of the Divergent movies, while Ratajkowski was…well, really hot in music videos. She also had a pretty good role in Gone Girl. Their stars have faded somewhat since then, but maybe Lying and Stealing will be a step towards reversing that? We’ll find out when it hits DirecTV on June 13th and theaters on July 12th.