‘Hanna’ Season One Trailer: A Teen Assassin Goes On The Run

The first episode of Amazon’s Hanna TV series is already out there for you to enjoy, but that doesn’t mean the marketing machine grinds to a halt. Hell no, as yet another trailer for the show based on Joe Wright’s 2011 action-drama has arrived.

While Saoirse Ronan is nowhere to be found this time as she’s gone on to much bigger things, the title role has been passed to Esmé Creed-Miles, who once again looks more than up for it. She plays the titular teen raised from birth and trained by her father (Joel Kinnaman) to be a top mercenary. When Hanna and her father go on the run, they’re pursued by a rogue CIA agent (Mireille Enos) with an agenda of her own.

Based on this trailer and other footage we’ve seen, there won’t be much of an attempt to veer from the original story. That could change the further along it goes.

The first season of Hanna hits Amazon Prime on March 29th.


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