Leslie Jones Calls New ‘Ghostbusters’ Film A “Dick Move”

The announcement of a new Ghostbusters film by Jason Reitman, keeping in-continuity with the original two movies, has not made everybody happy. Reitman’s film basically steps over the all-female 2016 reboot directed by Paul Feig, and Leslie Jones, who played Patty Tolan in it, sees this as a major slap in the face. She laid into the film on Twitter…

I’m with Leslie on this. I still believe the reboot would’ve done better if it came out just a few months later, and as it stands now it can be seen as the first salvo in a string of very successful female-led films, from Wonder Woman to Ocean’s 8.  The toxic misogyny it faced was unlike anything we have seen in a long time. A Ghostbusters sequel with Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon would likely do better than the previous one.

However, the 2016 movie was sort of a dud, and Sony, along with producer Ivan Reitman, aren’t required to throw good money after bad.  It’s always possible the reboot’s characters make a cameo, especially with there being a certain amount of fan outcry that they do. There’s still so much we don’t know, but Reitman’s movie is ready to shoot, has a summer 2020 release date, and even a teaser trailer.