Disney’s Live-Action ‘Kim Possible’ Trailer Calls The Crime-Fighting Teen Back Into Action

You know how Disney has made a mint remaking their animated classics into live-action movies? Well they’re doing it on a different scale on the small screen with their animated TV shows, and the next one to get the treatment is Kim Possible. The adventure series ran from 2002-2007 and the handful of times I watched it really enjoyed it, even though it skewed younger. But that also makes it perfect for this adaptation, which does the same thing but still has plenty of nostalgia for those who remember the original.

The cartoon featured the voice of Disney Channel royalty Christy Carlson Romano as Kim Possible, crime-fighting high schooler who along with her sidekick Ron Possible saved the world on many different occasions. The live-action film stars newcomer Sadie Stanley, with Sean Giambrone as Ron. Kim’s arch-nemesis Dr. Drakken is back and played by Todd Stashwick, with Taylor Ortego as his right-hand woman Shego. Patton Oswalt returns to the role of mad scientist Professor Dementor, who he voiced in the animated series. Carlson Romano also has an undisclosed role, perhaps as a mentor of some kind?

The trailer gets right down to business as Kim’s iconic beeper goes off, but fortunately, there’s no mention of the annoying “Call me beep me” catchphrase the show was often remembered for. That’s not necessary, thanks.

Kim Possible hits Disney Channel on February 15th 2019.