Pop! Obsession: Funko’s New ‘Captain Marvel’ Figures May Have Revealed Jude Law’s True Role

Never before have I had to give out a SPOILER WARNING for a Pop! Obsession post, but we’ve got one now. You’ve been warned!

Captain Marvel comes soaring into theaters next March, but you won’t have to wait that long to order the awesome first wave of Funko Pop! Vinyl figures! The feature Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers in multiple space-faring outfits, and one that finds her riding a motorcyle. They even made one for her cat, a young Nick Fury, and FINALLY I get the Photon (Maria Rambeau) figure I’ve been asking for, even though she’s the mother of the character I love. But there’s something interesting going on with the figure for Jude Law’s character, who we all assumed was Mar-Vell aka the original Captain Marvel. Turns out we may have been very wrong, indeed.

Reddit dropped a spoiler image featuring the entire line of figures, and if you look at the Jude Law image on the right, he goes by the name of Yon-Rogg. Now, even a lot of Marvel fans won’t know who Yon-Rogg is, but he ain’t Mar-Vell, not by a long shot. Yon-Rogg is one of Carol Danvers’ earliest and most notorious foes. He is a commander of the alien Kree military and had beef with Mar-Vell. He gets Mar-Vell sent to the backwater world of Earth, where the hero becomes friends with Danvers. After kidnapping Danvers, Yon-Rogg and Mar-Vell engage in a battle that finds her bathed in a super-weapons energies, causing her to gain powers of her own. Yon-Rogg and Danvers shared a telepathic connection, but in a later battle she would destroy that link at the cost of her own memories.

Now, Entertainment Earth has that figure for sale, but he’s been renamed “Star Commander.” My guess is that the Yon-Rogg reveal was a HUGE spoiler and they scrambled to fix it before the whole plot of the movie was ruined. Because now it’s impossible to look at the trailers and see Jude Law as anything other than the villain.

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