‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Richard Madden Reportedly To Be The Next James Bond

How seriously should we take Bond replacement rumors at this stage? Probably not very seriously, considering there hasn’t been a single frame shot of Bond 25, the last one to star Daniel Craig. But that hasn’t stopped months, no years, of speculation about who might take over when he’s gone. Well, now you can add one more to this list: Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden.

The report comes from the Daily Mail, who say Madden is at the top of Bond producers Barbara Broccoli’s list for the 007 role.  While this isn’t much, the story does say Madden will be offered the job in the coming days, so if nothing happens we know this story was for shit. Madden has been off Game of Thrones for a few seasons now (his final episode one of the show’s most notorious), and while he’s done a few things here and there nothing quite on that level, and certainly nothing on par with James Bond. If he gets this it would be huge.

Personally, I don’t see it happening, but then I never would’ve predicted the guy from Layer Cake would be 007, either. So what do I know?


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